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Posts in "Streamers Speak"

Finding Your Stream's Vision

mermaidserenade talks about her experience streaming art

This prestream routine is available as a template today on StreamRoutine!

Connecting with your new viewers can be a balancing act. DoubleAlphaLive gives us 3 ways to make them feel welcome. 🏡💜

joseph_radiojoe talks about a drone crash that turned into some really nice moments

DreeMonMusic reminds us of the importance of celebrating our achievements, no matter how big or small they may seem

@JackJocoseTV talks about keeping stress low and hitting that go live button

BlinBlinkGames discussing their approach to using the Boards feature on StreamRoutine

Inspiration & joy are key to capturing the audience's attention and keeping yourself engaged

In a recent video on the StreamRoutine TikTok, the focus was on a common challenge faced by streamers: burnout.

A Guide to Effective Routine Building