Meet our Team

Streamers, Nerds, and folks who get it done!

We're a group of passionate developers and designers who are dedicated to creating the best possible project management tool for Twitch streamers and content creators. Read a little about the history of StreamRoutine, then check out a a brief introduction to the people behind StreamRoutine:

The StreamRoutine Origin Story

StreamRoutine is a love story.

It begins within a new marriage. Meet Joseph. He's a casual streamer, and a full-time CTO at a small web development company that punches well above its weight.

Meet Hannah. She's a talented full-time music streamer. Together, she and Joseph travel the world as digital nomads, making friends and community wherever they go.

Hannah's a one-woman show. She’s got to do it all. She writes her own songs, learns covers, connects with a stream team, runs her streams, books gigs out, and facilitates her Twitch account, Discord community, and all her socials. It's a lot.

The thing that the mild mannered CTO has that the energetic troubadour does not is a team and a technology system to keep business on track.

And then there was a spark.

And then there were fireworks.

And then there was StreamRoutine!

Since late 2022, Joseph, Hannah, and the team behind Joseph have been hard at work to take the best parts of project management and team dynamics and tailor it to the needs of streamers.

It's the perfect marriage of tech in service to talent.

And that is how StreamRoutine helps make your streams come true!

Joseph O

Founder & Lead Developer

joseph_radiojoe, an IRL and travel streamer, drew inspiration from the challenges of streaming, his wife HannahRebekahMusic's Twitch journey, and his interactions with other streamers. This motivated him to develop StreamRoutine. Fueled by a lifelong passion for technology and an extensive background in web based tools, Joseph recognized the need for a dedicated management hub specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by streamers and content creators. Joseph enlisted the help of his wife, colleagues, and friends to help bring the vision of StreamRoutine to life. 

Hannah Rebekah

Twitch Streamer & Co-Founder

An American indie-folk singer-songwriter & world traveling house sitter with her husband, joseph_radiojoe, Hannah is a music + travel streamer singing you songs in pretty places! Hannah is instrumental in shaping StreamRoutine, focusing on aligning the platform with the needs and preferences of content creators. By generating innovative ideas and designing numerous templates, she incorporates streamer-specific touches into the tools available on the platform, ensuring a tailored experience for other streamers and content creators.

Christopher Matthias

Project Manager

Chris's superpower of organization comes through many years of banging his head against the wall as a disorganized procrastinator. He lives and dies by the calendar and wants to share the calm that comes with that with the Twitch community.

What People are Saying

Since using StreamRoutine, my follow through has gone way up, streaming has suddenly become manageable, and I'm so excited to see where it will take me as a streamer! I'm proud to be part of the team behind StreamRoutine!

/HannahRebekahMusic (she/her)

StreamRoutine is the tool I wish I had earlier in my Twitch streaming career. Everything I need to get myself organized as a streamer and set goals is in one place. It is a great tool!

/TheLGMusic (he/him)

StreamRoutine is life changing! Especially for people who are really bad with tasks and organizing things.. It is definitely a one stop shop for whatever a streamer needs.

/sashiBOOM (she/her)

StreamRoutine has been an essential tool, refining my journey towards becoming a highly organized streamer. I value the capability to create routines that not only boost my accountability but also facilitate my personal growth within the streaming realm.

/CATEY (she/her)

As a Variety streamer i felt lost on what and when to stream until i discovered StreamRoutine and it made me believe the dream is still possible

/Aphoticphoton (he/him)

StreamRoutine is totally awesome for preppin' & planning your streams! When you embrace a stream routine, you show everyone how dedicated you are to delivering top-notch content and creating a positive vibe for everyone tuning in.

/DreeMonMusic (she/her)

My ADD brain NEEDS StreamRoutine. The quick check-in’s, journals, stats, tasks, and calendar all in one place, finally keeps me focused and organized. Sharing routines and tips from streamers alike helps me to become the streamer I want to be. It’s everything I didn’t know I was missing!

/BassBoomBox (she/her)

I am obsessed with organization and streamlining my life so StreamRoutine is a no brainer! BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! Through the power of community templates and ChatGPT they have helped me stream more conscientiously and effectively. It's exactly what i didn't know i needed!!!

/Ladybird_Uke (she/her)

I've been NEEDING StreamRoutine in my life! Prior to using StreamRoutine, I would spend countless hours staring at spreadsheets and task managers only to get overwhelmed which greatly impacted my consistency as a streamer. Content creation is my business and having one resource that not only helps me stay focused but also tracks trends, goals, and my progress is a game changer! I can't tell you how valuable it is having everything in one place now!

/JoyceLeeMusic (she/her)

Thanks to StreamRoutine, I’ve been able to achieve a level of efficiency and organization that wasn’t easily manageable before. It has given me the tools to set ambitious goals, stay on track, and continuously improve as a live streamer. It won’t give you success, but it’ll help you find it more easily than you could on your own.

/ChrisPirillo (he/him)

Creative Team

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Jason Kenison

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