DALL·E 3 Twitch ChatBot

!aiimage Twitch streamer in outerspace

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10 day free trial with full access, no credit card required.

How do I set up the bot?

Sign in to your StreamRoutine account and turn on the DALL·E 3 module on the Chatbot modules page. You will also be given an overlay URL to display the images on your stream if you would like to.

The DALL·E 3 Twitch ChatBot is included in the StreamRoutine subscription at no extra cost. If you are not a subscriber, you can sign up for a 10 day free trial with full access, no credit card required.

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How does the bot work?

When your chat interacts with the StreamRoutine DALL·E 3 Twitch ChatBot, the prompts are sent straight to OpenAI's DALL·E 3 image creation engine. The resulting image will be linked in your chat, saved in your StreamRoutine account, and can also be displayed on your stream in an overlay.

!aiimage <prompt>

Create an image, display it in your overlay, and link to it in your chat. Example: !aiimage Twitch streamer in space


The !aiimagequeue command will show you the current queue status as well as the number of images that have been used towards the daily limit.


The !aiimagepermissions command will show you a list of the current permissions for image creation and let you set the permissions for your bot. This command is only available to moderators and the broadcaster.

The default settings for the bot allow for subscribers and above to use the !aiimage command.
  • !aipermissions <level>
    • The level that you set will include all levels above it. For example, if subscribers have access to interact with the chat feature, then so will vips, moderators, and the broadcaster.
      • broadcaster
      • moderators
      • vips
      • subscribers
      • followers
      • everyone
Following are a few examples to show you how to use this command.
  • !aiimagepermissions everyone - this will allow everyone to use the !aiimage command.
  • !aiimagepermissions moderators - this will allow moderators and above to use the !aiimage command.


!aimagehelp will give you a list of the commands available.

Are there any limitations?

DALL·E 3 uses a multi-tiered safety system to limit DALL·E 3’s ability to generate potentially harmful imagery, including violent, adult or hateful content, but we encourage streamers to ban or timeout users who are trying to abuse the bot or generate images that you do not wish to have on your stream. Additionally, the bot is limited to one image request every 5 minutes, with a maximum of 15 images per day. The delay and maximum request limit are subject to change. As of right now, OpenAI charges StreamRoutine 4 cents for each image request, so while we can include the bot in the subscription, we do need to limit the number of requests.

Are there any additional planned features?

Yes! During alpha testing on the StreamRoutine Twitch channel, we discussed several features that we plan on implementing. Including, but not limited to:

  • Support for cheering bits to create images.
  • Support for channel point redemptions to create images.
  • The ability to order the queue so that any prompts that were made using bits will always go first in the queue, ranked by the amount of bits cheered. Following that, any prompts generated from channel point redemptions will be chosen at random. Finally, any prompts added via the chat command will be chosen at random.