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Prestream checklist from DoubleAlphaLive

This prestream routine is available as a template today on StreamRoutine!

In a recent TikTok video, DoubleAlphaLive offers a straightforward pre-stream checklist for streamers. Starting with the basics, they emphasize checking if all equipment is switched on and functioning, reviewing scenes in streaming software, and testing new features. The video underscores the importance of starting strong without technical hiccups or setup delays.

@streamroutine Prestream checklist from DoubleAlphaLive

Key tips include running an ad at the start to avoid disruptions later, announcing the stream on social media, staying hydrated, and dressing comfortably. DoubleAlphaLive highlights the blend of technical readiness and personal comfort needed for a successful stream.

The video also encourages viewers to share their own checklist items, fostering a community of learning. For streamers seeking more structure, DoubleAlphaLive mentions StreamRoutine, a tool that integrates essential streaming data and management features to streamline the streaming process.

This TikTok isn’t just a guide; it’s an introduction to streaming more professionally, with community support and helpful tools like StreamRoutine making high-quality streaming accessible to all.

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