ChatGPT Twitch ChatBot - Documentation

Looking to sign up for the StreamRoutine ChatGPT Twitch ChatBot? Check out the main ChatGPT Twitch ChatBot page.

StreamRoutine makes this ChatGPT powered chatbot free for everyone to use, which incurs cost to StreamRoutine for API usage and hosting fees. We are not interested in sharing our fun bot with anyone trying to use it in a way that is mean-spirited or would break the Twitch ToS. While you are ultimately responsible for the content in your channel and deleting inappropriate messages or requests that people might ask of the bot, we do not want our bot to participate in those kinds of conversations and ruin the fun for everyone.

Because of this, we have various filters in place to try and make sure the bot doesn't say anything that we don't want it to. The bot will warn you if a request or a response that it generates is above the threshold of what we consider appropriate. In the case of more extreme abuse of the bot, where your chat is obviously trying to coax into saying something terrible, it will immediately remove itself from your chat and make a report to the StreamRoutine team. The bot will not re-join your chat until StreamRoutine reviews the logs to determine if it was abuse or an accident.


!aihelp will give you a list of the commands available.


The !aichat command allows you to interact with the bot. If you reply in the thread that the bot creates, the bot will keep the context of the current conversation.


The !aipersonality command allows you to change the personality of the chatbot. You can use pre-configured personalities from StreamRoutine or create your own. Be creative! Sometimes a good description helps, such as: "The bot is Shakespeare, and talks like a Shakespearean play. The bot always talks in iambic pentameter." But, we have also seen success with simpler descriptions, such as "sarcastic" or "cheerful."

  • !aipersonality - Ran without any text after the command will give you a list of the built in StreamRoutine personalities and custom personalities you have created along with their number.
  • !aipersonality <number> or !aipersonality <name> - Using a number will set the personality to the listed number from the previous command. Using a name will use the personality with the listed name or create a personality based on that name.


The !aipermissions command will show you a list of the current permissions for your bot or let you set the permissions for your bot. This command is only available to moderators and the broadcaster. This command does require an extra authorization step to give the bot access to your follower list, subscribers, VIPs, and moderators.

The !aichat and !aipersonality commands can have their permissions set differently. For example, you might want to set chat interaction with the bot to be available to anyone and the personality to only be set by you, the broadcaster. The default settings for the bot allow for everyone to use the !aichat and !aipersonality commands.

  • !aipermissions <type> <level>
    • The type must be either chat or personality.
    • The level that you set will include all levels above it. For example, if subscribers have access to interact with the chat feature, then so will vips, moderators, and the broadcaster.
      • broadcaster
      • moderators
      • vips
      • subscribers
      • followers
      • everyone

Following are a few examples to show you how to use this command.

  • !aipermissions chat everyone - this will allow everyone to use the !aichat command.
  • !aipermissions personality moderators - this will allow moderators and above to use the !aipersonality command.