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Tagging added for sharable Goals, Routines, and Journal Prompts

Updated tagging to make it easier to find the templates you're looking for.

I pushed a change today that allows for tagging shared routines, goals, and journal prompts. This way when you're viewing the templates page you can more easily find what you need. I also spent some time today writing up new goals, routines, and journal prompt templates to help with some inspiration and ideas on different ways to use the StreamRoutine tools.

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Joseph O

joseph_radiojoe, an IRL and travel streamer, drew inspiration from the challenges of streaming, his wife HannahRebekahMusic's Twitch journey, and his interactions with other streamers. This motivated him to develop StreamRoutine. Fueled by a lifelong passion for technology and an extensive background in web based tools, Joseph recognized the need for a dedicated management hub specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by streamers and content creators. Joseph enlisted the help of his wife, colleagues, and friends to help bring the vision of StreamRoutine to life.