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How Your Organization Can Partner With StreamRoutine

Improve the organization & focus of your team, non-profit, or sponsored streamers!

Why Partner with StreamRoutine?

We built StreamRoutine with a few goals in mind. The value that we want to add for streamers is good organization and great focus. We started StreamRoutine to equip both established streamers and those who are new to streaming with a few key tools to be effective. Since the original inception, we’ve added more tools that support with conceptualizing stronger streams. We do this with some innovative AI integration and best practices that we’ve gathered from our streaming experience.  We’re not flashy. You and your streamers are what bring the dazzle. StreamRoutine gives you and your streamers the tools to dazzle effectively.

The core of success in any realm is less about being talented than it is about being consistent. Partnering with StreamRoutine creates a clear path to making sure that no matter who is streaming with you, they have the resources they need to stay on brand with your organizations processes, messaging, and expectations. We’re always looking for the sweet spot for clarity and uniformity while also empowering people to be innovative and creative. Using our system will let you create templates that streamers can use to accomplish that consistency while leaving a wide berth to add their personal touches and personality that brought you together in the first place. While we avoid buzzwords like synergy, when they’re not hollow, sometimes they’re hard to top. So there you go. Synergy.

How Does an Organizational Partnership Work?

In all that we do, we like to be direct. When you partner with us, we work with you to see what your goals are. We help you set up an account and train you on using StreamRoutine’s tools. We’ll give you a discount code that you can share with your users. If they continue to use StreamRoutine beyond the free trial period, they continue to get their discount from your code until they cancel. You get a percentage of their payment. We get a subscriber out of the deal. Win-win-win.

Visit our pricing page for a full breakdown of our Basic and Pro Level accounts. Keep in mind, this is before any discounts are added.

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Christopher Matthias

Chris's superpower of organization comes through many years of banging his head against the wall as a disorganized procrastinator. He lives and dies by the calendar and wants to share the calm that comes with that with the Twitch community.