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Maximizing Twitch's Subtember: A Guide for Streamers

Twitch's Subtember has arrived, presenting a unique chance for streamers to grow their subscriber base. Here's a quick guide on how to leverage this opportunity.

@streamroutine Maximizing Twitch's Subtember: A Guide for Streamers

1. Twitch Pays for Discounts – You Earn Full First and foremost, Twitch covers the discount cost during Subtember. This means as a streamer, you'll still receive full payment as if the subscriber paid the regular price. It's a win-win for both you and your viewers.

2. Multi-Month Subscription Discounts Twitch is also offering discounts on multi-month subscriptions. Viewers can subscribe for three or six months in one go, enjoying bigger discounts. For you as a streamer, this translates into a more favorable split, approximately 70-30, instead of the usual 50-50.

3. Upgrades for Current Subscribers Current subscribers aren't left out either. They have the option to upgrade their subscription to a higher tier at discounted rates. This includes Prime subscribers, who can upgrade to tier one to avail of the discount. It's a great way to encourage long-term commitment from your viewer base.

4. Learn More About Subtember For more detailed information, Twitch has provided a link to the Subtember page. It's highly recommended for streamers to read through this to understand all the benefits and how to communicate them to their audience.

Conclusion: Embrace the Opportunity Subtember is an excellent time for Twitch streamers to grow their channels. With Twitch absorbing the cost of discounts, and the introduction of multi-month subscriptions and upgrades for existing subscribers, there's a lot to gain. Make the most of this month by informing your viewers about these benefits and encourage them to support your channel. Happy streaming!

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Joseph O

joseph_radiojoe, an IRL and travel streamer, drew inspiration from the challenges of streaming, his wife HannahRebekahMusic's Twitch journey, and his interactions with other streamers. This motivated him to develop StreamRoutine. Fueled by a lifelong passion for technology and an extensive background in web based tools, Joseph recognized the need for a dedicated management hub specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by streamers and content creators. Joseph enlisted the help of his wife, colleagues, and friends to help bring the vision of StreamRoutine to life.